News For This Month: Tips

News For This Month: Tips

Consider These Quick Tips to Help Prevent Side Stitches When You Run

You get to reap several health benefits from a solid run. Side stitches are a notorious distraction to a good run. Side stitches are not only uncomfortable but they can hinder you from reaching the set target you had given yourself to run for your session by completely slowing you down or making you abandon the run altogether. There are a few things you can do to prevent stitches while running and they are highlighted below.

Ideally,consider taking your meals 2 to 3 hours before running. Ensure that the meal is light and has low contents of fiber and fat. When you give your body time to digest the food, the body relaxes and is not under much tension. Consider also having a snack such as a banana to help power up your run to reduce your chances of getting stitches and gain some energy as well.

A good warm up is crucial to your exercise routine and running is no exception. When you warm up, you lubricate your joints and relax your muscles. when you warm up, you breathing improves which works in your favor as you go out for a run. Regularly warming up before a run helps to prevent your body from suffering from side stitches while you run.

When your body is overwhelmed by running efforts, you get side stitches. To help your workout not to overwhelm your body, consider a slow start. Starting slow helps you to build the endurance of running much faster. Hidden tension is removed when you build your run slowly and your body adjusts accordingly.

Training your core is also important to help in keeping stitches at bay. A strong core limits upper body movement and your organs will have more support around them. To learn the basics of building a strong core, consider exercises such as Pilates, Yoga and weight lifting.
When you feel as if you are about to have a stitch, consider stretching. Tension from your body is released when you stretch. Releasing such tension can help get rid of any cramps that may have built up.

Apart from stretching you may also want to bend forward when you feel a stitch is imminent. The reason why bending forward is important is because it relaxes your diaphragm. When your diaphragm is relaxed tension is releases and you end up averting a nasty stitch.

These tips will help you enjoy your run without unnecessary interruptions and keep side stitches away. An uninterrupted run will also score you some health benefits. When you reach and surpass your running targets, you build endurance that helps you have capacity for a bit more.

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